What do you really need in a banner?

  #1  What is your intended use for the banner?

  #2  Where do you plan on hanging/placing your banner?

  #3  How long do you plan to leave it hanging?

  #4  Do you plan to reuse the banner?

  #5  Do you plan to store the banner?

  These are some choices that we offer:

  Banner Materials:

​  We speak in ounces when we talk about vinyl banners.  The lightest weight that we use is a 13 ounce vinyl.  It is rated for indoor

  and outdoor use and when properly installed and stored (if removed) it will last for years.  Many companies use lighter weight             material, make sure that you ask what the weight is before you order a banner.  A 16 ounce banner is for outdoor and long term           use.  The 13 and 16 ounce vinyls are our choice, and the most widely used and versatile weights.

  Cut Vinyl and Digitally Printed:

  You can have banners made of cut vinyl or digitally printed or even a mixture of both processes.  There are advantages to both and     it simply depends on your intended purpose and use that dictate the type of banner that would best suit your application.  Let us         know what your intended purpose is and the graphics you plan on using and we'll give you our best recommendation.


  All of our banners are hemmed and stitched, not glued or heat sealed.  We believe this to be the best option, as it is stronger, longer     lasting and simply better looking.  When comparing pricing be sure to ask what the finishing options are, and the cost for each one!


  Our standard, is brass grommets every 24 inches all the way around the banner.  You can choose to do grommets only on the                 corners, every 12 inches or just about any configuration you'd like.


  Pole Pockets, Reinforced Corners, Windslits and Rope Sewn are a few options that you can choose from.  If you aren't sure if any of     these options are necessary just ask us and we will give you our best recommendation for your needs.

  When you are pricing banners, be sure to ask questions!  If you are comparing prices make sure that all things are equal and you         are getting pricing for the same material and finishing options.  We are happy to provide you with a quote and detail all the options   that would best fit your needs.  Also be sure you understand what the total cost is going to be.  Don't be blindsided by a bunch of           feels that have been added on, usually after you commit to having the work done!  Get a firm time frame on the entire process,             making sure you have the final say in any art work being done.  It's standard practice with sign companies to obtain a deposit, after     all most of the work we do is custom.  We highly recommend that you know your 'sign guy' and make it a common practice to               understand what it is you are paying for.

  Call us if you have questions, we're more than happy to help you figure our what your needs are and what would work best for you.